Floral Duster For Fall


All summer, I’ve been watching an amazing Instagram upcyclers churn out amazing duster vests.

Lucky for me, I had hacked off, 90’s rayon dress in my stash just waiting for an upcycle.  Last fall, I overdyed it with RIT dye.  I was planning to turn it into a tunic, but since that never materialized it was still waiting for it’s facelift.   I decided to leave the hem rough and just split the dress up the center front.  I also split the side and back seams.

Next I pulled a scrap of black flannel from my stash and make kick pleats.

For the ruffles, I had a gauze swaddling blanket that I would never use again.  This piece I popped into a tea bath and forgot about for the entire day.  I tore it into rough strips to crate ruffles, layered with a few yards of thrifted cluny lace I also tea dyed.  Perfection!

The final result was a bit to baggy at first, so I gathered a bit at the high waist point on either side.  By this time I was very late and I was tired, but it was so worth it.  I wore my new piece today and felt amazing!


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