Nutty Snack Mix


This morning I got the bug to roast a new snack mix for my husband.  He is on a bit of a restricted diet and needs special goodies to pop in his backpack and take to class.  Since I just bought a nice selection of nuts at the Co-Op yesterday, a spicy, nutty mix seemed just the thing.  

The initial plan was to use one of my husbands favorite flavor mixes from our local spice shop, but my little imp had other ideas.  When I ran to the restroom, she pulled a chair up to the counter and poured the jar of mix all over the floor.  Every bit of it.  

This doesn’t look the the face of a hardened criminal, but don’t let looks fool you!  She’s as devious as a mob boss and as sneaky as a cat burglar.  

So, I digress.

After a quick turn of the broom, I started mixing spices and came up with my own yummy blend.  Added a bit of salt and some olive oil, then started pouring in nuts and seeds.

Then all that was left was to spread the mix on a sheet pan and start roasting.  I stirred the concoction every 10 minutes to keep it from burning and took advantage of the down time to fold some laundry I had been avoiding.  After the mix was finished and cooled, my three year old enthusiastically  declared it “Tasty!”

A successful make for the day!  


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