A Bargan or a Bribe?


Today at the thrift store, The Blue Eyed Cyclone wanted a talking Barney book.  

It was my fault.  

I told her and her sister to each choose a book.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t stomach the idea of paying for that book when I knew I was going to have to make it disappear ASAP.  

No other book would do.  I tried.  So I started playing big cards.  

“If you put this book back, I’ll make you a new tutu today.”

She didn’t think twice before cramming the book back on the shelf and we came home with three spools of Halloween print tule ($1.25 each at said thrift store). Holding up my end of the bargan, I started cutting tule strips as soon a the younger two went down for a nap. 

In a moment of sanity before starting supper, I slipped into the sewing room (aka. my bedroom) and stitched the ends of an elastic length together.  Then I started making.  One or two strips here and there.  

Stir the pasta sauce.  Add a strip.

Turn the sausages.  Add a strip.

Set the table.  Add a strip.

It was slow going until I sat down for some evening coffee with the hubby.  Then I started rolling and had the tutu finished before bedtime, just like I promised.  

She loved it so much that she wore it to bed.  Furthermore, she was in such a good mood that she shared another tutu with her little sister so they could both dance  “lallay” in their dreams.  


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