The Mystic and Her Transmog Machine


B.C.  (before children) hubby and I use to play a lot of Diablo III.  A key part of the game is buffing up your character with garments and weapons that have beneficial stats to create a highly efficient demon killer.  Sometimes, the gear with the stats you need looks pretty lame while really wicked looking gear is crap for stats.  That’s when you visit the Mystic to transmogrify. For a price, she can make your ideal garment by altering the gear you need to look like the gear you want.  

My transmog machine isn’t quiet that efficient.  It takes a lot more effort to turn RL fabric into custom garments, but the results are more than worth it.  It is a kind of magic to watch a piece of yardage or a castoff garment be cut to pieces and then assembled (re-assembled) into something beautiful and useful.  


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