A Viking, A Gnome, and A Bat Went Trick-or-Treating…


Yesterday afternoon, my husband walked in the door from class at roughly five minutes after two, mere seconds after I finished sewing a red gnome hat and plopping it on the two-year-olds head. I was triumphant! It was two hours before trick-or-treat started and I had finished with time to spare. 

Well, ok, lets just say time to grab a cup of coffee before wrestling little people into three layers of warmth and festivity. 

Should we discuss everything that didn’t get done over this past weekend?  Like the unfolded laundry, the sadly faceless jack-o-lanterns, and dishes that didn’t even find their way into the dishwasher…

Naw, we wont go there and I am certainly not going to confess that I didn’t even get out of my pajamas until after three yesterday afternoon.  I’m just going to stick with being impressed that I pulled off three, three to four piece costumes in three days and nobody missed a meal in the process.  

To keep things easy, I started by using a simple tunic or dress for the base of each costume. Because we live in Montana and it is already chilly here, I sized these base garments up to accommodate cozy under layers and as my husband pointed out I was quite generous with those sizes. 

While I did pull out the pattern used for Little Moons Hello Kitty poncho, the rest of the garments were all basically hack and sew or at least self drafted.  With the exception of the yard of fleece I bought for the bat costume, everything else was sourced from my stash.  

He looks like such a serious little Viking! I would have liked a little more color variation in his costume, but discovered too late that JoAnns had nothing suitable for Viking pants.

Look at the hambone, not the unfolded laundry I didn’t mention earlier.

Let her find a stick and she becomes a bat sorcerer. I can’t argue with that!

Unfortunately, that is the extent of the photos.  Someday,  I will manage a beautiful photo shoot, but for now my family just barely humors my clicking away.  If I can get the bat wings off Miss Busy, I might do a post all about them as I am pretty proud of my industriousness.  


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