A Maker With No Makes


Lately, it seems like I have to fish for blog content.  I’m not out of ideas, just short on time.  Since the whole premis of my blog is my role as a maker, if I don’t make anything it’s kind of hard to find something to talk about.  Kids take time, making takes time, blogging takes content.   Lately, the three are in a bit of a gridlock.

The girls recently received a little kitchen, so they will be having a cooking themed Christmas.

At the begining of the week I had some nicely laid out plans.  I was going to make the tunic I had just cut out, finish the charcoal watch cap on my needles, and start my Christmas sewing with two pint sized aprons.  

Yeah, that didn’t happen.  What did happen is that the baby cut two teeth, we spent one entire afternoon assembling the aforementioned kitchen, and I ended up babysitting for a friend a few times.  Furthermore, all three kids decided it was time to intensify the maditory bedtime protests.  

What I did get done creatively… 

The tunic is teetering on the very edge of being finished. All I have left is to stich the garment and its lining at the neck and then hand stitch the lining to the sleeve.

This might be my slowest knit ever. I am just now ready to start the crown shaping.


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