Christmas Make #1


Once, a long time ago, I found the perfect table cloth.  It was in my favorite little chairity shop (the kind you have to dig around in) and knowing me, I only spent a $2-3 on it.  I bought it so long ago, I really have no idea what I spent on it anymore!  

In one capacity or another, I used this table cloth for years.  It  looked great anywhere I put it and it was always ready to make me smile.  In fact, I even painted the kitchen on my homestead specifically to match this table cloth.  

As time went by, life happened.  The table cloth was smudged with a bit of white paint, graced with a few small coffee stains, and then developed a hole.  It was all getting to be too much, but still I couldn’t part with it.  So, I folded it up and added it to my fabric stash, just sure that someday I would use it to construct something wonderful.  

And that is exactly what I did!

The first of my Christmas sewing is now complete and I couldn’t be happier with this upcycle.  Now, my cheery table cloth will still be a part of my kitchen, but in the form of little aprons.  

When I started this project I had a little diagram depicting the size and shape of each piece I needed to cut out.  But as soon as I started working with the fabric, things got changed up a bit.  I wanted to really use the pattern in the absolute best way possible, so I added an inch here, took off an inch there, etc.  I had also intended to make them identicle, but durring the cutting stage decided to change the pattern placement on the bib.  Later, almost on a whim, I also changed the construction of the skirts.  

 I’m sure the girls are going to love these, but for now they are hidden away (back in my fabric stash) until Christmas.  


9 thoughts on “Christmas Make #1

  1. As a quilter of all things vintage….especially these 50s cloths, I LOVE this application!!!!! The same but different is the perfect finish for this loved piece—–and it is one lovely piece!!!! Those colors are rockin’!!!!!!!


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