Snow Day Tunic


Nothing beats the comfort of a nice cozy sweatshirt, but that’s just not my style.  In my life, sweatshirts (hoodies) are for hiking or working outdoors.  For everyday, I want something cozy with a bit more cute factor.  

My fabric was two yards of a 60 wide poly/cotton blend double knit.  I knew from the moment I saw it on the bolt that I had to turn it into a winter tunic.  It sat in my stash for a few months while I found time to make garments for everyone else, but this past week I finally decided that with Halloween and Christmas finally out of the way I was sewing for me.  So I started drafting.

For a hint of causal sweatshirt appeal, I had planned to leave all my hems unfinished so they would roll.  However, once I started working I discovered that the fabric wasn’t going to hold up to that as I expected.  So I stitched the collar over, leaving a hint of roughness where the asymmetrical split falls open.  I did proper finishing on the cuffs and hem.  Looking at the collar now, I wish I had just gone and made a self binding. The seams were all serged, so it came together very quickly.  

The back has an arched yoke and a cute pleat detail, but I since I had to photograph myself again I was unable to get a good image of the back.   

I wore it to run some errands yesterday and since it was a bit chilly, I tossed my favorite cardi over top.  I was really happy with how the two layered.  My next project for me is going to be a black and grey skirt that I think will round out this look really well.  I’ve been wearing jeans for more than usual lately and it’s time to get back to skirts and dresses.  


Wrap Me Up


I ran across this image a few days ago, while wearing these pants and decided that they were just too good not to share.  After all, I wear them a few to several times a week. They go with everything from t-shirts to my favorite Lagenlook jacket and are amazingly comfortable.    

Better yet. Since they were created with stash fabric I bought years ago and a slub knit fabric from a no longer needed maternity dress, they were essentially free.  

So why hadn’t I used this amazing fabric?  To start with, it wasn’t what I thought it was.  It was my one and only order from a well known online fabric store and was listed as “embroidered cotton lawn.”  I wanted to make a flirty skirt.  What I got was actually embroidered cotton broadcloth.  Big difference. Also, the base fabric was originally white.

Back to the story at hand.  

When I got the idea to make a pair of pants from this yardage, the first thing that had to be addressed was color.  White pants just don’t suit my life.  So, I broke into my stash of RIT dye and fixed that right up.  

Then I drafted my pattern right onto the fabric.  The pieces looked somewhat like this.

Please note, my diagram is not to scale! I cut the leg and pocket from my embroidered cotton and the waistband and tie from the upcycled dress. In addition, I applied a decorative trim of the knit around the hem and at the top of the pocket.  

It was one of those start to finish, one evening makes and it was probably some of the most valuable time I’ve spent at my machine in years.  The amount of wear I get out of these pants is astounding.  

When I was tossing around the idea of creating these, I really wondered how well they would fit into my life.  

Would they stay up?  Are they practical for a busy mama?  


However, next time I make them I will change a few things. Most notably, I intend to drop the crotch a bit more since it seems to pull about the butt and hips when I’m up and down with the kids. Also, instead of making them sandal length, I plan to add about 3 inches. Nothing big and I certainly am going to make another pair.