Watching and Waiting and Waiting and Waiting…


It seems like it was forever ago that I made this watchcap.  My middle son asked for it back in October and I didn’t even get it finished until early December, now it’s late February and I am finally blogging it.  

Photo Links to Pattern

I had been wanting to make this Marsan Watchcap for awhile and had it on my Yarning board on Pinterest.  The only specific Mr. Man had for his hat was that it be warm and grey, so I took the opportunity and ran with it.  My version is knit in Paton’s Classic Wool from JoAnn’s, just like the Hubby Hat.  Of course, I bought it on sale.  

I can’t believe how handsome this guy is!  He is my quiet, quirky, science geek who you would never know was in the room until he serves you up a big old slice of his opinion (or you stepped on one of his LEGOS).  

Oh, yeah, the hat.  It’s pretty nice too.


Actually, the hat is pretty great.  I love how easy and concise the pattern is written and the twisted stitch ribbing adds a lot of depth.  When I turned the piece to begin slanting the rib in the opposite direction, I did end up with a little hole in my work, but I was able to ease that out when I blocked the hat.  Unfortunately, when his sister took the photographs for this post she didn’t get the cool swirl on top of the cap.      

Love the kid, love the watchcap and I will certainly be making this pattern again.  I am considering making the larger version the pattern designer offers to see if it is large enough for the hubby.